Premature Ejaculation in Men: Foundations and Techniques of Treatment

Premature ejaculation in men is the inability to control ejaculation, which is necessary for receiving satisfaction from the sexual act for both partners. This manner frequently happens among men who feel the smallest sexual stimulation. Almost every man at least once in life experienced such a condition. This is a fairly common sexual dysfunction that occurs mostly in young representatives of a strong half of mankind.
Fast ejaculation divided into absolute and relative rapid ejaculation in men. Absolute ejaculation is when sexual intercourse lasts less than 2 minutes. Relative – when the length of sexual intercourse more than 2 minutes, but its duration is not sufficient to obtain sexual satisfaction by both partners.

The grounds of early ejaculation:

– high excitability of the nervous system, the stout sensitivity of the glans penis;
– various spinal cord injury;
– urological diseases (prostatitis, inflammation seed tubercle, etc.);
– weak erection.

Very often the premature ejaculation is initiated by certain psychological factors. The psychological causes of early ejaculation are fear (befall most frequently on the basis of the bad first experience), the lack of trust between partners, chronic stress, depression, and conflicts. But don’t attempt to define the reason of the disease by yourself. This can be done only by a doctor. If you are increasingly experiencing problems in bed, then you need to see a specialist.
Premature ejaculation is dangerous because it can prime to big problems with male potency. If a person repeatedly experiences this condition, he subconsciously programs the failure at the next scheduled sexual contact. Thus, it might be an erectile dysfunction, which also requires immediate treatment by a specialist.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation can be defined in different ways:

1. A symptom of early ejaculation is considered to be such a condition when ejaculation in men in 50% of cases happens before his partner has an orgasm.
2. One time sexologists supposed that a trustworthy indication of premature ejaculation is it offensive for two minutes afterward the insertion of the penis into the vagina. But this view was refuted after some researches.
3. Recent physicians are directed in determining the symptoms of premature ejaculation the common well-being men and couples in general. If both partners feel after sexual intercourse fulfillment, do not suffer any psychological complexes and portray their life together as a happy, even with ejaculation in 1.5 minutes you can’t talk about it prematurity.
4. If ejaculation befalls in men before the introduction of the penis into the vagina, it is obligatory to distinguish clearly premature.
As you can see, the time in determining whether the man has premature ejaculation is quite significant. But at the same time, it is impossible to speak about the disease, focusing only on the duration of sexual intercourse, because for some pairs 2 minutes is enough to achieve consummation. It is necessary to focus directly on the feeling men and enjoying sex by both partners.

Methods of treatment

Premature ejaculation is men’s disease, like other sexual disorders to treat. In some cases, you can do by natural means, and some require more serious intervention. Importantly, this treatment is prescribed only by a doctor. Regarding natural treatments, here in the first place is the rejection of bad habits that adversely affect male power, exercise and using nutritional products that improve male potency. Modern treatment of premature ejaculation can be conducted by the urologist. The method may include the following approaches:

– psychotherapeutic;
– medication;
– in some cases, operational.

The last variant is recycled when the patient is diagnosed with a short frenulum or an increased sensitivity of the penis head. Treatment of early ejaculation in the psychological method involves teaching the patient techniques of control over ejaculation, drug – elimination process of spontaneous termination sexual contact. All these methods help to regularize the ejaculation.